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A photo showing three crochet works in progress with argyle patterns. On the top is a colourful piece in blue, green, pink, yellow and orange. Underneath to the left is a piece in shades of purple and blue and on the right one in shades of brown and cream

Adventures in Argyle

In 2019 I picked up on the buzz around planned colour pooling (or planned yarn pooling) which uses variegated yarns to create Argyle patterns. I thought it was a really clever technique so thought...

A photo of a yellow crochet happy face with two black toy eyes and a smiley little red mouth. The face is still being worked on

Mindfulness and Crochet

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword these days, and as such some have become a bit dismissive of it, but the movement towards mindfulness is an important one in a hectic and...