Custom Makes


Bears and other animals
A crochet giant snail with a black, colour-flecked body and multi-colour shell and antennae in red, purple, yellow and pink.

Giant Snail

This giant snail is a gift for a little girl who loves snails from Santa this year. I used the pattern by Crafty Intentions for this one as she had already created a wonderful design for it.


This teddy was another replica make of an old toy. He was made using another very soft yarn and is a cuddly boy indeed.

A photo of an old teddy bear with thick legs and short arms on the left, next to the crochet recreation of the same bear on the right. He is a tan colour and has a small sewn on mouth and eyes
A side view of a crochet panda facing left. He has a white lightning flash visible down one thigh and is holding a red heart in his paws

Panda Logo

This panda was actually based on the logo of the company of gentleman for who it was made. The lady was giving it to him as an anniversary present so I made a red heart for him to hold as well.

This bear was created from cartoon images. I made all of his clothes separately, so that they can be removed and washed if needs be.

Crochet Bear with bright, multi-coloured eyes, sporting a white top and blue and grey camo jacket
A fluffy crochet raccoon/bear sitting on a wooden surface in front of a red wall. The raccoon is shown from the front view on the left and the side view on the right It has grey body fur and a white front and face with black stripes over its orange eyes


This sweet little chap was made from a photo of a child’s lost toy. He was crocheted in super soft teddy yarn and was a delight to work with as he was so soft and squishy 🙂

White Cat

This was a present for a lady who had lost her cat. Like Wellies the Duck, we recorded the cat’s voice onto a heart recorder which was placed in his chest. I spent a lot of time looking at the original photo and many internet images of cats to get the lying down posture just right.

A crochet white cat sitting on a teal bedspread and looking directly at the camera with large grey eyes. He is laying down. His ears and nose are pink.
A large crochet toy standing on the floor next to a white kitchen cupboard which he is almost the height of. He is made with tan, fluffy yarn, has very large black eyes, long floppy earns and very chunky arms and legs

This delightful little chap was a remake of a long lost childhood friend. I was extremely happy to send him back to his parents with his oversized dungarees and all.

Wellies was created using photos of his real-life namesake. I used eyelash yarn and it was a challenge at first to work with, but easy enough to get the hang of. He has a pouch in his breast that holds a recording of the real duckling’s voice which you can hear if you press his breastbone.

A crochet brown and yellow duckling wearing green wellies with grey soles
A photo of a dark brown crochet bear with eyes with pink, black, blue and white circles and a blue and grey camouflage jacket, blue trousers and white sneakers, sitting on a blue bedspread

Little Bright Eyed Bear

The customer who ordered the Bright Eyed Bear came back and requested a smaller version for a wee relative.

Crazy Mouse

This wacky chap was made for a friend in the States. He decided he was going to be a little bit on the crazy side 🙂

A tan crochet mouse with crazy looking blue eyes with huge black pupils wearing a pair of dungarees in rainbow colours