Off-label custom makes that are little bit quirky
A composite photo of a potato with a large bulbous "nose" and eyes and a smiling mouth drawn on it in thick black pen. Next to this is a crochet version of the same potato, also with bug black eyes and a smiling black mouth. In the middle is a photo of the toy next to the potato being held by its new owner.


Duckie is a potato, but a potato that a wee girl is very fond of, and who was going a bit soft and gooey, so her Mum asked if I could make a crochet version of Duckie for her daughter for when the original will inevitably have to go on walkabout.

Chile Games Logo Bird

This toy was based on the logo for the Olympic Games in Santiago Chile in 2023 and it was sent all the way to Chile as a Christmas Present. It had to be done in a hurry to make the Xmas posting deadline so there wasn’t enough time to do all of the writing on the chest. We did manage to get 2023 on there though 🙂

Two side by side photos of a crochet toy that has been made to look like the Olympic logo for Santiago Chile in 2023. The logo is a bird with a yellow body, red tail, black legs and head feathers in blue, yellow, black, blue again, lighter blue and white, swept back from it's front facing head. The eyes are bug and blue with white reflections in the pupils. The mouth is open and red. On the chest is writing. In the crochet toy this is just the year in multiicolour letters.
A white round crochet face with two round black eyes and a happy smile outlined in black. The face has two very thing grey arms and legs

Happy Face

This happy little face was crocheted from a sketch. Sometimes even simple ideas are really cute and appealing 🙂

Dinosaur Balloon

This toy was made from a child’s dinosaur balloon. Like the balloon he has two eyes on each side of his head 🙂

A photo showing a deflated balloon of a green stegosaurus type of dinosaur the left of the crochet toy version. It has blue spikes on its back and head and two white eyes on one side of its head and a round yellow spot on its cheek. It has some blue markings on its upper body and four white toes on each foot.
A photo of a cartoon couple with their arms around one another. They both have black tops and grey shorts, and grey cartoon boots and black legs. They have white cartoon gloves on and their fingers are curled on the arms that are hanging down. one has a TV for a head with a black casing and two black antennae and white screen. The other has a white oblong head with two black lines crossing over in the middle. Neither have eyes, but the oblong head one has a black outlined mouth also showing the tongue in outline

TV Couple

This unique couple were made from a drawing that the lady’s friend had made. She asked me to keep them together as in the drawing so I sewed their hands lightly onto each other. If she ever wants to separate them it should be easy enough to do.

Egg Man

This was a 2022 Santa gift made for the lady’s boyfriend from a drawing that represented him.

A photo of a crochet Egg Man, with a very large egg-shaped cream head in relation to his body. He has on a tan baseball cap with the letters WACO on it and his "hair" is a mixture of dark yellow and brown yolk. He has small round white eyes rimmed in brown, brown eyebrows and a thin brown moustache. He is smiling. He is wearing a grey sweatshirt blue jeans and black trainers
A pencil drawing of a worm or caterpillar on blue paper next to the crochet toy of the same on the right. The toy has a pink round face with little eyes and a big smile and black ears. The body is green and there is a black curly bit on the end of the tail

Hannah’s Caterpillar

This was a farewell gift for a work colleague. Such a cute little guy. I kept the stuffing very light so he could be easily manipulated.

Wee Ghost

This sweet little ghost guy doesn’t have any legs, but the customer preferred him just down to the torso, and I think that works really well.

A photo of a drawing of a little white ghost up to the end of the torso with the crochet toy of the same on the right. The little ghost has a black outline, two arms, but no legs, two round black eyes and a little black smile.
A blue crochet protractor triangle with large white eyes on each side of the top part of the "ruler".He has two thick black eyebrows, one on top of each eye, so it looks like he is frowning.

Triangle Man

This is one of the quirkier makes I have been asked for, from one of my lovely repeat customers. She asked me for this triangle protractor with some eyes on top. He definitely has a personality of his own!


This lawnmower was definitely something different to make! He was made for a little boy called August in memory of his grandfather who used to run a garden business.

A crochet lawnmower toy. the front is red with a dark grey stripe in the middle and he has two large white eyes on top and a wide smile with a green tongue sticking out. The wheels are dark grey and he has a light grey handle with a black grip and power cord coming off it.
A crochet avocado with arms flung open and sporting big smile and pouted lips. The avocado seed in her middle is a baby in a nappy

This happy avocado and her baby was a request from a dad to be. I had to make a smaller version first to get the proportions right. The seed baby can be detached from his Mum.

This strange little guy was created from a drawing sent to me by the customer. I’m not sure entirely what he is, but he’s a happy chap anyway.

A crochet toy that is a raindrop shaped detective with a blue face and curly black moustache. he is wearing a tan deerstalker hat and is carrying a magnifying glass.