Kids’ Drawing Toys

I make a lot of toys from kid’s drawings which I sell through my Etsy site. I’ve run out of image space on my page there so I decided to showcase them here too so that all the wonderful young artists’ creations can be viewed. It’s extremely fulfilling working with these artworks.


The little boy who drew this is very talented. It was great fun to make this spaceman and the artist loved the result.

A photo of a drawing of a spaceman on the left and a crochet toy of the spaceman on the right. The spaceman has a white suit with blue chest plate,hands, feet and arm rings. He has a white helmet on with a black full face visor through which two blue almond shaped eyes are visible. On top of the helmet is a white antennae with a blue ball on the tip
A photo of a crochet elephant on the left and a cut out of a child's drawing of an elephant on the right. The elephant has a flat, round, grey body and two legs. He has a small round face, with two big, round ears and a tail with a bush on it.


This lovely elephant was sent all the way from the USA. The little boy’s Mum had been carrying the drawing around for so long that it had lost its tail, so we had to make sure we made him a new one.


This was the first Spider Man drawing I received. The little boy has a keen eye for detail.

A photo of a crochet spider man toy on the left and a child's drawing of spider man on the right. He has a long white body with webs cross it and a spider in the middle and blue arms and legs. He has two red eyes and his body is outlined in red. He is holding webs and a spider in each hand.

A photo showing a child's drawing of a raven on the left, next to the crochet toy version on the right. The rave has black outstretched wings, a brown front and blue face with a black beak with small, black teeth in it and blue nostrils. He has two yellow legs with three toes with red nails on each.


This is Joe’s wonderful raven. His Nan told me that he loves it and keeps it very close.


Alice was a Mother’s Day present. The little girl who drew her was only 6 at the time, and very talented.

A photo showing a child's drawing of Alice in Wonderland on the left and the crochet toy on the right. Alice has a head much larger than her body with yellow hair parted in the middle with a black bow on top. She is wearing a blue dress with a white pinafore. She has very large blue eyes with black outlines and is wearing baby blue shoes.

A crochet princess doll on the left next to a child's drawing on the right of the same. The princess has a rainbow coloured stripy dress on and red shoes. She has large yellow fingers on one hand and smaller ones on the other. She has a yellow face, a large black smiling mouth and eyes and long brown hair and is wearing a yellow crown


This colourful princess accompanies the gallant steed in the photo below. She looks very happy!


This gallant steed accompanied the princess in the photo above. The children’s Mum asked me if I would explain the making process to them, so I put together a document for them as I went along showing them the various steps in crocheting their creations.

A crochet animal next to a child's drawing of the same. The "steed" has a small blue face with a flat black upturned triangle nose and small black eyes. The half of the body leading down from the neck is blue. The back half of the body is purple. It has a blue tail and the body is covered with red splotches and lines.

A child's drawing of three children on the left with the crochet toy of the same on the right. There is a little boy on the left wearing a blue and red football shirt. A tall girl in the middle with long brown hair and a green top, blue skirt and leggings and brown boots. The third child is a smaller girl with a yellow dress, pink leggings, blue shoes and brown hair. She is holding a little brown teddy bear. All have big smiles and are joined by a green heart and a blue heart between them.


The children drew this one as a gift for their Nana. Another delightful drawing to work with.


This turtle was a gift to her turtle-made Dad from the little girl for Father’s Day. Isn’t it a lovely thing?

A photo of a child's drawing of a turtle with coloured scribbles for its scales and grey lines on its legs. On the right is the crochet toy version

A photo of a young child's drawing of a man with a big white head, red shorts and skinny green arms and legs. The crochet doll of the drawing is on the left


One of our youngest artists here. Only 3 years old and she made this drawing of her Daddy for Father’s Day. Delightful.


This little boy drew his dad as a super hero. I photographed the toy before I added in some of the grey hair though 😉

A photo showing a crochet pirate-like doll next to the child's drawing of the same, which actually may be supposed to be Iron Man. He is wearing a grey iron suit with a blue light in the centre. He has a very red face, a white grinning smile and a stubbly black beard. He is wearing a pirate like hat with grey hair on top. The crochet doll does not have the grey hair as the picture was taken before it was added.

A photo of a crochet Spider Man doll sitting left of a child's drawing of the same toy. The child's drawing has the name Beth on it. Both are sitting on a floral bedcover


This is Beth’s Spider Man. She was very chuffed with it and her Dad sent me this photo and another with her holding it with a lovely big smile 🙂


This fierce cheetah was drawn by another of our younger artists. The four year old was going to give the toy to her Dad for Christmas.

A photo showing a drawing of a short work-like creature with black hairs, five black legs and a white body with lots of red circles on it. On the right is the same creature made into a crochet toy with a speech bubble above its head and the word "RawR!" in red

A photo of a child's drawing of a "Nana" which has a head with a half white and half brown head, a brown body with small spindly legs and feed and blue eyes and a pink, heart-shaped nose. She is wearing a pink choker with a blue heart with the letter "N" on it. On the right is the crochet doll made from the drawing.


This is the second of two toys that Santa asked me to make to go to one household. I wasn’t sure if the locket said Nana or Nona, so we just made it an N to be on the safe side.


These lovely ladies went all the way to France as presents for their respective young artists.

A photo showing three panels. On the left is a drawing of a princess with a large round white head, orange headdress and green hair. She is wearing a brown top and yellow skirt. Next to her is another princess in a very large triangular dress striped in yellow, orange, red, blue, green, light blue and purple from the bottom to the top. on the right is a photo showing both princesses as crochet dolls