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A child's drawing showing a white creature with purple spots on it and thin little purple legs with big round white feet. Next to it is the crochet toy of the drawing


The customer asked that I keep the wee sad face on this delightful little creation. The drawing is older so the colour had faded, and we had to add the purple back in again.


This young artist drew a wonderful and unique character. I had a lot of fun making him and was very pleased to receive a photo of him with his new toy beaming happily.

A drawing of a dark character with a black heat, top half, arms and legs. The bottom half and legs are blue with black patches. The eyes are blue ovals and there is no mouth. He has a hat with blue, purple and pink patches and a blue circle on the top of his head. He has mechanical claw type hands. Next to the drawing is the crochet toy on the right
A very small drawing of a little grey cat. On the right is the crochet toy showing his white muzzle, ears and coloured patches here and there on his body. He has yellow eyes with vertical pupils


This young artist gave me a very small image to work from, which his Mum tried to blow up a bit. It was so detailed and well drawn though, that it wasn’t an issue at all. I used some fluffy yarn for inside his ears and his muzzle.


Mum and Dad were drawn by Katie, who is Beth’s (she of the Spider man fame) sister. As one of our younger artists she has made a smashing job of it!

A child's stick figure drawing of Mum and Dad with their blue hair and yellow legs and blue striped and orange striped torso. On the right is are the crochet toys made from the drawing
A line drawing of a white dragon like creature outlined in grey with the words "Roar Ok!". The crochet toy is on the right and has a speech bubble with the words in it


This fierce creature was made for a little boy with a very active imagination. I loved his dragon wings.


This was made for a little girl who is the artist. I noticed he had a little goatee just as I was finishing up, so made sure the crochet doll had one too.

A child's drawing of a man wearing a light blue top, dark blue trousers, with brown hair and a goatee bears. He has blue oval eyes and a pink oval mouth. The crochet toy is to the right of the drawing
A drawing of a splat like figure in orange, wearing a look of surprise that he has splatted. The crochet toy of the drawing is on the right.


Mr Splat looks very surprised at the position he finds himself in 🙂 This was a really fun toy to make.


Super Mama fights for the environment, which I think we all can agree is an excellent cause for a super hero.

A drawing of a stern looking superhero with a striped orange and red costume and cape. The speech bubble says Super Mama. The crochet toy on the right has the speech bubble on its shoulder
A crochet toy of a yellow triangular smelly cheese with black lines to represent the cheese bacteria. The drawing of the same is on the right with lines coming out of it to show how smelly it is


This smelly cheese chap looks so startled at his own smell! I had good fun making him,


This interesting chap from a young artist was a lot of fun to make. I love his happy face.

A line drawing of a cow like creature wearing what looks like an old fashioned police hat and outlined in blue. The words "Birthday Cog" are written on its torso. The crochet toy of the same is on the right
A drawing of a ballerina wearing a blue cross over top and a white tutu and blue ballet shoes. She has dirty blonde hair and a big eyes. The crochet doll is on the right sporting a sparkly white tutu


This lovely ballerina was a really interesting make. I made her limbs and hands and feet movable so that she could pose and I used tinsel-like eyelash yarn to make her tutu.


This is the third of the original drawings that were sent to me through the post. This is such a lovely, colourful creature.

A crochet toy of a creature with a multi coloured striped body and a flared tail with yellow "flames" on it. The original drawing is on the right
A young child's drawing of a white creature with multicoloured spots on it and the same creature in crochet toy form on the right


This is the second of the three original drawings sent to me in the post. As you can see, this young artist makes good use of colour.


This is the first of three drawings made for one Mum from her three children. She sent me the drawings through the post so I had the originals to work from. I decided to give Mr Potter here some hair as well as his original hairline.

A child's drawing of Harry Potter in white with black outlines and a red mouth and black arms and legs, holding a red wand, with the word "Stupify". The crochet doll of the same is on the right, although it also has black hair