Kids’ Drawing Toys Page 4

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A photo of a child's drawing of a goblin like creature, which has a blue and green face from left to right, green arms and three green toes on each feet. It has black eyes and a mouth that is half green and half blue. It has one blue and one green pointed ear and it is wearing a pink-orange crown. It is holding an orange bag like creation with a white label on it. It is wearing a dark brown tunic and trousers. Next to the drawing is a photo of the crochet toy made from the drawing

Goblin King

This marvellous creation was such fun to work with and when his young designer received him, the goblin king went on holiday with his family and I was sent lovely photos of them on the plane.

Tall Hat Dude

This was a very quirky design (complete with instructions 🙂 ) and very fun to make. I made sure he could take off his very tall hat. I loved the cartoon look about him.

A photo showing a drawing of a man in a black suit jacket and trousers wearing a very tall black hat. He has a yellow cartoon-like face and there are instructions written on the drawing saying he has brown hair. Next to the drawing are two photos of the crochet version of the man sitting on an own cushion. In the first he is wearing his very tall hat and in the second it is next to him so that you can see his brown curly hair. He also has on a white shirt and red tie and is smoking a cigar
A photo of a drawing of Amelia next to which is the crochet toy. Amelia has a large oval head, the bottom half of which is purple and up the right hand side, the rest is bright pink, as is her body. She has four right side facing blue legs with three black toes (or two legs and two arms) and a large eye in the middle of her face with a large black pupil and eyelashes. She has two white-specked circular cheeks and little pink lips. She has three purple feather-like appendages on the top of her head.


I love Amelia’s colours – they really pop! And her look is very unique. It’s such fun to work with children’s’ art. You are always in for a pleasant surprise.

The BenStacy

This very scary (and huge 🙂 ) monster is called the BenStacy. The full photo doesn’t show his colour properly, but the close up does.

A photo showing a drawing of a green monster with thin black lines all over its head and body. It has a large snout with long sharp white teeth with red on them and glaring red eyes with black pulled down brows. It has two little wings and a thin tail. It has long white and red flecked talons on its hands and feet. next it are photos of the matching crochet doll. The top shows the whole toy, but the colour is not correct. The bottom one just shows the head, but the correct neon green colour can be seen in it
A photo of a mouse that has a black body, a black arm, face and leg on the left and blue versions on the right, and a pink mouse tail. It has two large oval eyes, with one red and one black pupil and a wavy little smile. To the right is the crochet version of the toy sitting on a cream chair.

Two-tone Mouse

This toy was made from a drawing by my talented niece who has since gone on to create her own animated cartoons made from her creations.

Aiden’s Monster

This drawing, by my grandson, was the first one I crocheted into a toy. It was what gave me the idea to make and sell these toys.

A crochet monster next to the drawing pad on which the child has sketched it. The monster has a diamond shaped green head, white diamond eyes with blue circles and a white oval mouth with two red teeth. It has a green body and is wearing red criss-cross bands. It has black legs and arms and blue hands with four long fingers. It has an orange gun in each hand