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Head Dewd

This Dewd was created from the winning entry for a competition that the author Claire Walmsley ran for school kids to bring her characters to life. You can follow Claire and her adventures with the Dewd on Instagram.

A photo of a drawing of a "Dewd", which is a rainbow creature with a rainbow oval body with the colours going out from pink, through lical, blue, green and yellow. The oval head goes from pink on the right to orange on the left. It has two large yellow horns with a star between them, two large round white eyes with highlighted black pupils and a small black smiley mouth. The crochet animal is on the right. It also has two yellow and orange arms, two orange and yellow tentacles at the bottom and two yellow legs and a rainbow tail.
A child's drawing of a blue creature that looks like a blue version of the creatures in Star Wars It has blue robes and hood, red shoes and blue oval eyes in a black face. It has a yellow and black chest plate and is carrying a little blue octopus like creature. The crochet toy is on the right.


This little girl is a very talented artist. Her creation reminded me of the Jawa guys in Star Wars so I called him Blue Tee Dee.


From a very young designer comes the scary Paradon Monster! This little artist likes to use a lot of different colours.

A child's drawing of a monster that is very multicoloured,with a pink face and green and blue eyes and an orange mouth and various colours on its body. The crochet toy is on the right.
A photo of two health workers with their faces obscured by black stars. One is holding a toy of a lady with big white hands and large blue and orange feet and orange hair. The drawing of the lady is on the door behind her. The other is holding a cutout drawing of a pink heart man in her right hand and the crochet toy of the same in her left.


I was really thrilled when these lovely health workers sent me this photo showing the toys with their original drawings in this setting. It’s always heartwarming to see the toys being so appreciated.


This…erm..”hairless chicken” as the lady called it, was a drawing created by a little boy when he was 3 and has brought the family mirth ever since. The customer wanted me to make this so she could present it to her son on his 21st birthday.

A child's drawing of a pink creature that is supposed to be a hairless chicken, but looks rather rude. The crochet toy of the same is on the right.
A child's drawing of a purple creature that looks like an axolotl, with Pokemon like face and black eyes with white highlight in them. The crochet toy is on the right.


This very cute axolotl type animal was made from the drawing of a very talented young girl. I love his Pokemon-like look.


This little black cat was a Santa 2022 present. I loved his quirky little smile.

A drawing of a black cat with a happy white smile and eyes, with the crochet toy version on the right.
A child's stick figure drawing in red on a napkin with the word "Jonathan" on it. Next to the drawing on the right is the crochet toy in white with a red outline and a little bench with the name on it that the stick figure is sitting on.


A design by one of my younger artists, this is Jonathan. I made him a little bench with his name on to sit on as he has such skinny legs 🙂


This lovely turtle was drawn on a window during lock down by the young artist. Her Mum kept it there for two years without erasing it until she asked me to make a toy from it.

A painting of a turtle with a yellow head, yellow legs, blue tail and green shell on a window. The crochet toy is on the right.
An outline drawing of a stick figure with a large white oval head and two large oval eyes outlined in blue. The crochet toy is on the right.


This was from a very young artist as a birthday present from his Mum. I do love making these toys for my very young talents.