Ben’s Page

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Ben is such a regular of mine that I have decided to dedicate a whole page to his wonderful, quirky works of art. I really get a kick from working with his creations and generally have a lot of fun with them.

A photo of a drawing of long head with a brown pony tail and the two photos of the crochet toy next to it, one from the side view and one from the front. The head has two large yellow buck teeth at the top and bottom and is wearing white glasses

I asked Ben if he would like a free toy for his birthday and he came up with this delightful creation. It seems he has moved to digital art now, but I am still getting clear instructions 🙂 I fully expect Ben to be a comic book artist in the future. He has such talent.


Our prolific young artist came up with the Boxy Dog, which his Mum commissioned for his birthday. And a very fierce creature it is indeed!

A photo of a black boxy dog head with the crochet toy next to i showing a side view with white sharp canine teeth, and next to that the mouth wide open showing the big pink tongue sharp top and bottom teeth.
A photo of a peach coloured ball drawing with dark hair and black lips and next to it on the left the crochet toy version


This one of Ben’s creation reminds me of a punk rocker, or maybe an Emo guy.


Since the Baby Ball was quite small, I asked Ben if he would like another toy made for free, and he came back with his first square version. I like how fierce this chap looks.

A photo of a peach coloured square head with and open mouth showing its teeth and the crochet toy of the same to the left
A photo of a peach ball head with dark strands of hair and one tooth in it's top and bottom jaw. It is sucking on a coloured dummy. On the left is the crochet toy of the same


This is a baby version of the ball people. As you can see, Ben leaves detailed instructions for me on his drawings 🙂


This guy looks like he is dashing around in a great hurry and stressing about it.

A picture of a yellow ball head with bloodshot eyes and hair flowing behind it. The crochet version is shown on the left in profile and then again from the front, showing the yellow teeth and pink tongue
A photo of a drawing of a peach coloured ball smiling. The photo next to it shows the crochet toy with lips outlined in black . On the right the ball is shown from the front with its mouth wide open showing its white teeth and pink mouth


This is the very first of Ben’s creations that I made. I asked his Mum if I could open the ball’s mouth and she also requested some teeth for it.