Custom makes from Film, TV, Books or Video Games
A crochet version of Stinky Pete from toy story. He has a brown miners hat on, a red long-sleeved top and royal blue dungarees with a red and yellow checked necktie. He has large eyes and nose and a fluffy white beard and moustache

Old Miner

This old chap is based on a character from the film Toy Story (I’m not sure which one). It was a present for a little one who was very fond of the character.

Pinata Donkey

This colourful donkey, with green and pink felt strips to make it resemble a pinata, is from the kid’s cartoon Adventure Time, but it was made for a lady for her birthday, because she loves this character.

A pink and green striped crochet donkey with strips of green and pink felt to make him look like a pinata donkey
A photo of a crochet bunny based on a game character. he has a very large peach coloured head and long ears, a much smaller body wearing a black tuxedo and a bright pink bow tie and very large square glasses with thick black rims. He has solid oval dark grey eyes and a tuft of black hair between his ears. He doesn't have arms or legs

Bunn Barker

This little guy was made from a screen shot of a game. I’m not sure which one, but he looks a bit like an Animal Crossing type of character to me

Puck the Space Mutt

Puck is the creation of an extremely talented comic book artist and he was a lot of fun to make, although working with eyelash yarn is always challenging!

A photo of crazy looking space cat with six orange and yellow striped legs with grey monkey like digits. He has two grey ears and one wild looking blue eye and one brown eye. He has a wide grinning black mouth with pointed white teeth and a pink lolling tongue with a glob of white drool hanging off it
A crochet snake from the kid's program Hey Dugee. The snake is sitting curled on a white chair and is bright green with orange markings. It has two orange cheeks, large round white eyes and a smiling black mouth with two white teeth. A little forked pink tongue is poking out from the mouth

Cartoon Snake

This happy chap is from a child’s cartoon called Hey Dugee. It was a gift for a little girl.


Another 2022 Santa present, this one was based on Pepe the King Prawn muppet and was made for a little girl who loves him.

Two photos of a crochet version of the muppet Pepe the King Prawn sitting on a black surface. The second is a zoomed in version of the first showing his bug muppet mouth smiling. He is wearing a cream jumper and a purple jacket, but no trousers. He has two orange legs and four arms and he has big bulging white eyes and a mop of red "hair" on his head.
A photo of a crochet blue robot sitting on a cream chair. He is a light blue with darker blue around his chest place and between his finger joints. He has a large round black eyes rimed with the darker blue and has a light blue ring antenna on the top of his head.

Blue Robot

This blue robot, well known from TV adverts I think, was another 2022 Santa gift for a little girl. He was really good fun to make, especially since I had to make him look mechanical.

Tweedy Bear

This bear was created from an image that looked like a still from a film or TV show. I don’t know his name, but the poor thing looked a bit worse for wear. I used a tweedy yarn to give him a more threadbare effect.

A photo of a bear made from tweedy yarn to give him a worn look. He has a big black round nose, dark brown eyes and ears, legs and arms and a dark brown strip under his head, which is cream coloured as is the rest of his body. He has crude sewing down his front and back in dark brown yarn. He has a fringe of tendrils on the top of his head
Three photos of a crochet version of Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda next to one another. The first shows him from the front with his grey beak and clothing and his wings outstretched. The second show him from the rear with his red, white and black peacock feathers displayed. The third image is a close up of the feathers on his tail.

Lord Shen

This was a challenging make with a lot of pieces – each feather head and shaft was made individually for example – but I very much enjoyed making this toy.

Neon Green Guy

This was a quirky little make from a children’s cartoon and a lot of fun. The little boy for who it was made was chuffed with it too, which always makes me very happy 🙂

A photo of a neon green dinosaur type character with bright orange eye sockets on each side of its head, bright read hair and a necklace with blue, yellow and red tokens on it. He has a large nose and a big deep-mouthed smile
Photo showing a book of Susie the Rainbow Spider with the large crochet version right of it and two smaller crochet version to the right of that Susie has a large read face and then her body and legs go from red to orange, yellow to green to blue to purple and lilac. She is wearing read booties on six of her legs

Susie Spider

Susie is a lovely colourful spider who was made for author Sarah Eckersley to assist her when she does book readings. You can buy Sarah’s book on Amazon and other book outlets. Sarah asked me to make a couple of mini spiders for fans of hers about a year later. I do love their goofy faces!

Thoughtful Theo (x 2)

This toy was made from drawings that the kids’ talented dad had drawn and made into a lovely picture book for them. He was given the first Theo as a Father’s Day gift. The second Theo was made for his godson after who the blue Koala was named. I do not use patterns to make these toys so each make is unique.

A photo of two blue and whit koala bears based on a picture book which is visible in the left hand photo.
A photo of a crochet bee with a happy little face, wearing a fluffy brown scarf

Happy Bee

This lovely bee was made for the author Jemima Knight, who was debuting her first picture book at the time. You can now find her book, Belle and the Giant at Curious Koala Books.

The Happy Little Humbug

I made this happy chap for the author Charli Dunkley who created the book with her daughter, Summer. You can buy her book on Amazon.

A photo of a crochet humbug next to the book that inspired it. The humbug is yellow with a white and yellow underside, green wings and black legs and antennae. It is wearing a green bowler hat with a pink ribbon around it and is wearing a pink bow tie.
A crochet toy of a train eater, which is a creepy red train with multiple legs per carriage that is covered in white bulging eyes with black pupils. This one has three carriages shown on the left and on the right the front of the drivers carriage showing a black mouth with ragged white teeth and a red figure with black eyes inside it.

This is one of the stranger custom makes I have done. I had no idea such a thing as a Train Eater existed until I was asked to make one for a young man’s Christmas. Very Creepy Pasta!


This character was made from an animation that the young man who created it won an award for and was a celebratory gift from his parents. Arneut is the biggest toy I have made yet and is very cuddly as he was crocheted entirely from fluffy teddy yarn.

A large crochet toy standing on the floor next to a white kitchen cupboard which he is almost the height of. He is made with tan, fluffy yarn, has very large black eyes, long floppy earns and very chunky arms and legs