A collection of crochet dolls custom made with their own separate clothing

Ulster Uniform King

This doll represents the same guy as the King below, but this time Paul asked that I dress him in an Ulster Police uniform. This took a bit of time, but it was great fun to make. I used metallic silver crochet yarn for the various buttons on the uniform.

A crochet doll standing on a wooden surface next to a red wall wearing an Ulster police uniform which is a green-blue colour with silver buttons, a darker green belt and buttoned top pockets and fold over hip pockets. The trousers are the same colour, as is the hat, which has a black brim. He is wearing black shoes and a black tie. The lapels and front of the cap bear red flashes with the logo of a harp on them. His hair is long and brown and he has a brown pencil moustache and green eyes.
A crochet doll of a king standing on a cream chair in front of a red wall. The King is wearing a fur trimmed red and gold grown with a black cross on top. He has green eyes, long brown hair and a brown pencil moustache. He is wearing a purple top, a long red coat, blue trousers and brown lace up boots. He is pointing to the right and his other arm is down at his side.

The King

This doll was made for Paul again as a gift for Christmas. Quite a regal chap 🙂

Furry Guy

This crochet doll is another make for my lovely repeat customer Paul and is a variation on the Pink Manga Guy below.

A crochet doll standing on a wooden surface next to a red wall. The doll has pink floppy hair, blue eyes and pink glasses and is wearing a tan shirt, green jacket and khaki trousers. He also has light brown boots and a dark brown tail and pointy ears. He has his hands in the pockets of his jacket and is looking to the right.
A photo of a boy in a school uniform with a cartoon smiley face protecting his identity. On the right is the crochet doll. He is wearing a navy blue jumper with a green school logo across the front, and a green shirt. he has on navy trousers and blue and yellow athletic shoes. He has short light brown hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a large smile

1 School Uniform Doll

And this is the latest school uniform doll from my lovely repeat customer Alisha. These dolls all seem to take on personalities of their own when I make them. I never know what they are going to be like until they start looking at me.

Checked Shirt Guy

This is the latest manga project from my wonderful repeat customer Paul. I had some good fun with this one and I really like his attitude!

A crochet doll of a manga character. This one has short brown hair and is wearing a red and black checked shirt over a black t-shirt and black, tight, trousers. He has brown eyes with dark pupils and is standing with his arms folded. He has red and white sneakers on.
A photo of crochet doll of a little girl in her scary wolf dancing costume, which is a pair of blue dungarees over a red plaid shirt and grey undershirt with grey fur around the neck and wrists. She is wearing black dancing shoes and a pair of furry grey wolf ears. He long brown hair is pulled back and her face is painted to look like a wolf. She is wearing a medal around her neck and is baring her teeth like a wolf. She has a plaid patch on the right knee

Scary Wolf Girl

This girl in her scary wolf costume is based on a photo of the little girl in fancy dress for her dance competition. She is wearing the medal she won around her neck.

2 More School Uniform Dolls

This is the second set of school uniform dolls I made for Alisha. I hope the schools liked their hampers as it was such a kind thought.

A photo of a boy and a girl in school uniform with their faces covered by cartoon smiley faces to hide their identities. Next to them on the right is a photo of the two crochet toys. The girl is wearing a navy blue jumper and pleated skirt with white socks and black strap over school shoes. She has on a yellow shirt under the jumper and there is a round yellow school logo on it. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. The boy is wearing navy trousers and black shoes. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has on a white shirt under a blue jumper which has a teddy bear logo on it
A photo showing two boys in school uniform with their faces covered by cartoon smiley faces. On the right are the two crochet dolls made from the photos. One has on a blue school uniform jumper with a school shield on it and a blue shirt. He has brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. The other has on a white shirt and maroon jumper with a school logo on it. He has brown hair and eyes. Both are wearing grey trousers and black shoes.

2 School Uniform Dolls

This lovely lady Alisha asked me to make four school uniform dolls that she was going to give to the various schools with hampers for each one. I really had a lot of fun making these and I watched all the series of Happy Valley while doing so, so they will always stick in my memory!

Flip Flop Guy

This manga art doll is a bit bigger than the others. In the 30-40 cm range, while they are all 20-30 cm. The process for making them is exactly the same, but the yarn weight is different with the bigger toys using a thicker yarn. This is another one for Paul.

A crochet doll of a manga character. this one is wearing blue trousers and black triangular flip-flops. He has on a brown jumper with thin black stripes and is wearing a white shirt under it with the collar sticking out. He has wild brown hair sticking up and blue eyes. He is wearing thick black square glasses
A crochet doll of a manga character. He has pale skin and bare feet and is wearing a black tracksuit with a grey stripe down the front of the top. He has long, curly black hair, very dark eyes and grey lips

Black Tracksuit Guy

This is another of the toys I made for my manga art customer Paul. These are a lot of fun to do, although I didn’t notice his ponytail at first and had to put it in later 🙂

Pink Manga Guy

This was another one for my regular customer Paul. This chap has a tail and ears along with his lovely pink outfit. I make all the clothing separate to the body of the dolls so it can take some time, but is very rewarding.

A crochet doll based on a manga character. He has a dark pink top with ruffles, light pink shorts, pink socks and brown boots. He has brown hair with a pink fringe in front and is wearing brown ears. He has pink goggles on and very blue eyes.
Two view of a crochet doll. In the first he can be seen smiling openly. In the second he is wearing a face mask over his mouth and nose which has jagged teeth sewn on it in black. He has curly yellow hair, yellow irises and thick, dark brown eyebrows. He is wearing an orange jumper and blue trousers

Face Mask Guy

This is another toy made from a manga drawing for Paul. This chap has a facemask/mouth guard that can be removed. I used felt for the face again to get the details right, although I am terrible with the glue gun – it goes everywhere! 🙂


This doll was created from a manga artwork that a friend of Paul, the customer, had created. I used felt for the face here to try to get more of the anime look. Ollie went on a journey all the way to the friend in the USA. Ollie was the first doll I created for Paul, but not the last as you’ll see on this page, and I am always happy to take on his next project as they are such fun to work with.

A crochet doll representing a manga character. He is wearing blue trousers and a pink top and purple jacket. he has on purple sneakers with orange soles and his hair is spiky and the same burn orange. He has on a purple scarf and has yellow markings on his forehead.
A photo of two crochet dolls representing gurus. The one on the right has a bare torso and legs and is wearing a wrap around his waist. He has black hair and a black moustache. The one on the left has black hair and a black moustache and beard and sports black glasses and a red dot on his forehead. He is wearing a wrap around shawl, white top and trousers and sandles

Little Gurus

These little men were actually representations of gurus for the lady who requested them for a newborn. We had to make some changes after they were finished, replacing the mouths with felt mouths and so on, but she was lovely and it was nice helping her to get the look she wanted.