Monthly Archive: July 2023

A photo of four small crochet toys. From left to right: A little figure in orange and yellow strips with tiny flippers an a large nose, a mouse in pink and purple, a flower in green and pink and a little wizard-like character in cream and purple with a purple hat


If, like me, you buy crochet or knitting magazines you’ll know that many of them come with little yarn packs attached. The yarn is usually in very small amounts and is meant for you...

A brown crochet wood sprite wearing a green top and dark green dungarees. He has large brows and green cat eyes that make him look like he is unhappy. He has a dark brown goatee, brown mittens and round brown feet

Wood Sprite

I decided I wanted to design a nature spirit, but not one that was all cute and cuddly like a fairy, because if they existed, I think they would be alien to us, and...