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A crochet witch in a deep purple dress and stripey purple witch hat, flying on her brookstick, which is grey with purple-pink bristles, her skin is purple grey and she has a long nose. She is wearing purple striped leggings and long purple shoes.


Who doesn’t need a witch on a broomstick flying around their room? Materials I used the following colours for Witchy-Poo, but you can use whatever you prefer. Colour 1: Good Old Fashioned DK Violett...

A photo of four small crochet toys. From left to right: A little figure in orange and yellow strips with tiny flippers an a large nose, a mouse in pink and purple, a flower in green and pink and a little wizard-like character in cream and purple with a purple hat


If, like me, you buy crochet or knitting magazines you’ll know that many of them come with little yarn packs attached. The yarn is usually in very small amounts and is meant for you...