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A photo of a crochet Xmas themed basket with a red rim, white body and red bottom around which white tinsel yarn is threaded. On the white body there are green wreaths with red ribbon in them made from crochet chains. The basket has two Christmas trees with red baubles stitched on as the handles. This is the side view showing one of the tree handles straight on

Wreaths and Trees Treat Basket

This is the first little basket I made this year. I made this a little smaller than the Basic Treat Basket size before I decided to go a little bigger with the other ones....

A photo of a little crochet treat basket sitting on a wooden sideboard. The basket has been made to look like Santa's body in red, with fluffy white trimming down the middle and around the base. It also has legs which are dangling over the sides with black boots and white fluffy trimming, and arms with white gloves raised above the body for the handles. It is filled with Christmas goodies

Little Santa Treat Basket

This was the first treat basket I created in 2022. I made the first basket just with the legs, but this year I have added his arms as I am putting handles on all...